Ultra-slim Light Boxes/edge Lit Light Boxes

The ultra slim light boxes offer an ultra-thin profile to the advertising message which helps in attaching them to walls. Along with offering excellent brightness, it provides brilliant diffusion pattern that helps the light reach equally to every corner of the edge lit light box. Light in weight and easy to use, the ultra slim light boxes requires you to just hang them on the wall or other places where you think it will catch more eyeballs.

The maintenance for this branding and advertising material is negligible and it comes at a competitive price too, thus, not drilling a big hole in your pocket. So, at minimal investment, you get whopping ROI from the amazing innovation in advertising and branding industry.


Recent Projects

  • Hotel & Restaurant Signs

    The Dashwood boutique hotel and restaurant was fitted with new signs throughout by Signs Express

  • Sports & Leisure Signs

    At Biz signs, our creative team can produce a wide selection of sports and leisure signage.

  • Healthcare Signs

    Healthcare signs are  available at Biz Signs. When a hospital needs to inform visitors, workers and patients what to do in case of emergency, or where their rooms are, or where a certain department is, they turn to signs. That means that a high quality sign is of absolute importance. A high quality sign is held to several simple but exacting standards.