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Architectural Signs


Biz Signs architectural signs are designed to inspire and bring buildings and their environments to life.

Organisations turn to us to deliver cutting edge signage design and outstanding manufacturing quality using materials that include the industry’s most energy efficient technologies and sustainable products to enhance interior and exterior landscapes.

Ours is aspirational signage and it’s built on an ethos of excellence in everything we do, from our meticulous attention to detail and our teamwork to our service and customer care and, above all, our passion for powerful creativity.

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architectural signs that project, perfectly

Architectural signs that work do so because they meet objectives that are more than just skin deep. These are signs that help show the way in style, they communicate messages, create first impressions and promote an organisation’s brand in exactly the right light, inside and out.

This is where commercial signage meets corporate identity signage and projects, perfectly.

We design and manufacture signage solutions that rely on the most considered materials, using sustainable products wherever possible and we work with technologies, such as LED illumination and innovative production processes and engineered precision that deliver durable, long lasting results.

Our signs are formulated to meet both the demands of the people they are designed to inform, incorporating health, safety and accessibility functionality as well as those of the environment. Factors from internal lighting to external weather conditions require a considered approach to ensure signage continues to project, for all the right reasons.

Every architectural signage scheme we create turns expectation into stunning reality. It’s not hard to see why.

Our wide-ranging service portfolio includes:

• Consultancy

• Signage strategy

• Sign design

• Sign manufacture

• Project management

• Signage scheme installation

• Signage inspiration

If you are looking for architectural signs you need a supplier who understands your needs and a supplier who can deliver a full package of architectural sign products with ease. Our architectural sign services connects you to an OEM source of bespoke architectural sign products. Unlike some other companies who advertise on line as architectural sign manufacturers and then turnout to be mere re-sellers of a product someone else made for them we actually make your architectural sign products from scratch. We make architectural signage and displays in; • Stainless steel • Aluminium • Brass • Perspex • Aluminium composite • Stone Many more types of material can be used to make your architectural sign products; we have both grand format cnc routing and water jet services available in-house. What is different about architectural sign manufacture? There are lots of sign companies providing a sign manufacturing service. Where architectural signs differ from run of the mill sign work is the type of material used and the fabrication techniques involved in creating finished signage. Architectural sign work is a more specialised sub section of the sign industry. We believe that when looking for a supplier who can supply architectural signs it is important that you can deal with someone who specialises in this area of the sign and display industry. Whilst the majority of sign companies have embraced digital printing we have chosen to concentrate on CNC machining and fabrication; we do not do vehicle liveries, banners or similar sign work. To manufacture architectural signs your supplier needs to have sophisticated cutting systems in place, systems which allow architectural signs to be made in a wide variety of materials; from stainless steel to aluminium, Perspex to real wood. Your architectural sign supplier needs to be able to take your drawings and turn them into reality. Great architectural signs start with good materials. Architectural signs represent a higher level of sign manufacture. Our customers quite rightly expect a quality job from start to finish. The most keystones of good architectural sign work are quality materials. .No matter what type of material you need your architectural signs made from we have the right materials available. All our materials and suppliers have been carefully researched and checked to ensure that the raw materials we purchase are the best quality and value. With plenty of on site CNC machining equipment we are able to move your architectural sign drawings from paper into finished products. Being able to accurately machine all manner of rigid sheet materials allows you to fully explore the materials and options open to you. Affordable architectural signs are bought direct. We do not re-sell other peoples products, which is an important issue for you. For example; many sign and display companies advertise built up stainless steel lettering but they don't actually make them. Because we actually make this type ofproduct from the ground up we are able to offer you the best possible price. Talking to a architectural sign manufacturer also lets you get clear picture of the nuts and bolts involved in turning your architectural sign designs into real products. You can get a wealth of advice from us because it is more than likely we have made architectural signs in the past which are just like those you are looking for today. Talk to us- we make everything from scratch. If you want some friendly, expert advice just pick up the phone- we'll even pay for the cost of the call. Friendly advice with no hard sell. Contact us with any questions or queries you might have. If you are looking for advice on an architectural signage project you can send us the details and we will give you a free appraisal and a no obligation price. There are no salespeople in our business; you get advice and quotes direct from experienced sign and display makers. Architectural metal cutting With our new grand format abrasive waterjet system in place you can now source general architectural metal cutting services from us too. We specialise in display cutting; that is to day cutting where the faces and edges are going to be seen. From Stainless Steel to Aluminium and Brass our architectural metal cutting services are perfect for anyone who needs precise cutting carried out in a neat and tidy fashion. Samples of metals cut with our abrasive water jet systems are available; just ask. Whatever your requirements our architectural sign manufacturing services are the route to affordable quality.


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