Braille & Tactile Signs


Accessibility is our Business

Consider those people with visual limitations, those over 65 or even those who speak English as a second language. They are all  people who rely on Braille and tactile accessible sign systems, usng Braille, tactile and audio elements to assist them in navigating large buildings and public facilities safely and on their own. 

Signs located in public areas must accommodate not only these groups, but also the general public who also rely on clear visual signage to be properly directed from point A to point B.

We Understand Accessibility


Accessibility is our business. At Eye Catch Signs we design, manufacture and install custom and modular Braille and tactile signage, Braille and tactile maps and audio signage to fulfill the needs of our clients. Accessibility is vital in all sorts of public places - health care, education, government, recreation and transportation facilities, to name a few. 

Biz Signs takes pride in producing the components of accessible interior and exterior wayfinding systems. These components include direct-to-wall mounted signs, self-standing signs, Braille & tactile ticket fare machine panel systems, Braille & tactile directional street signs, Braille & tactile maps, evacuation maps and floor plans, framed signs, modular systems and suspended and projecting directional or informational signs.

More and more public and government facilities are being required to have Braille and tactile signs installed in their buildings to assist the visually impaired. When you need to have these signs professionally, accurately and efficiently produced, you need to call Miller McConnell Signs – we are one of the only Ottawa sign companies with the in-house modern production equipment necessary to create tactile and Braille signs for the visually impaired. Our customers are always welcome to drop by our studio to see how this equipment works and the types of signs it can produce. Our Braille signs can be produced with a large variety of metals and plastics, and using our state-of-the-art engraving machines and routers, we can manufacture Braille and raised image signs that meet all Canadian and American standards, including the guidelines laid out in the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). We’ve produced these types of signs for several major clients around the city, including the City of Ottawa and the Élisabeth-Bruyère Health Centre, and are confident we can provide you with exceptional service in this unique and growing area of the sign industry.


Recent Projects

  • Healthcare Signs

    Healthcare signs are  available at Biz Signs. When a hospital needs to inform visitors, workers and patients what to do in case of emergency, or where their rooms are, or where a certain department is, they turn to signs. That means that a high quality sign is of absolute importance. A high quality sign is held to several simple but exacting standards.

  • Shop Signs

    We are sign makers and sign installers with branches around the country: we can help your business prosper by recomending and fitting the best sign for your budget.


  • Hotel & Restaurant Signs

    The Dashwood boutique hotel and restaurant was fitted with new signs throughout by Signs Express