Healthcare Signs

Healthcare signs are  available at Biz Signs. When a hospital needs to inform visitors, workers and patients what to do in case of emergency, or where their rooms are, or where a certain department is, they turn to signs. That means that a high quality sign is of absolute importance. A high quality sign is held to several simple but exacting standards. It must be easy to read or understand. It must communicate effectively and succinctly. And it must secure and hold the attention of the person who is meant to see it and it must comply with code while being aesthetically pleasing. To accomplish all of those goals you have to have precision graphics, effective and time tested sign programming experience, the ability to customize designs and lettering, and a professional spirit that will accept nothing less. Our health care signs are the best on the market because we will accept nothing less.

Most healthcare facilities face a real challenge when trying to order signs. Usually, there are numerous meetings, hours spent walking through the buildings, design discussions, a lot of back and forth with sign sales people, and yes, more meetings. Healthcare Signs and the sign professionals are here to help you have a better mousetrap.

There are several kinds of health care signs, and several kinds of buildings and facilities that need them. Aside from hospitals there are long term care facilities, private medical practices, assisted living facilities, women’s centers, retirement living facilities, neighborhood clinics, Chiropractic clinics, health spas and more. Even within a single hospital or building there can be a multitude of departments, floors and wings that all need individual signs and individual customization. Our health care signs are designed to meet every need, and we have templates and models for nearly any situation. One of our signature traits is adaptability, and in the health care field that’s one of the most valuable attributes one can have.

Healthcare signs that communicate important information are probably the most useful on a day to day basis in a hospital or health care facility. These are the types of signs that let patients, workers, and visitors know where everything is, how to get there, and what to do once they arrive. They identify floors, rooms, departments, people, and offices. They indicate which direction a person should be traveling in with a directional sign, where the resident or patient is located with a room number sign, and what precautions to take once inside a resident’s room or a patient‘s room with patient care signs. They also keep employees and visitors up to date on your healthcare facility policy like a No Pets signs, No Smoking signs, and what is and isn’t allowed in certain areas like Designated Smoking areas or signs that specify where guns can be carried or which doors need to be closed and locked at all times. They remind people what rooms are called, when to wash their hands, see a nurse, where and when not to smoke, and where to go in an emergency. Communication is the first goal of any good sign, and our communication health care signs are without peer in terms of clarity and effectivenes

Hospitals and health care facilities are also in need of emergency signs. In a hospital setting, emergency signs can refer to more than just fire exits and evacuation plans. Elevator evacuation plans, and signs that warn visitors, employees and residents or patients not to use the elevator in case of fire. Or signs that maintain restricted access They can also relate to chemicals, safety hazards, and anti-smoking laws and initiatives. They can warn people away from certain rooms with volatile materials within.



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